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Mark Henry Shares With RJ City How Andre The Giant Picked Him Up Physically & Emotionally

Mark Henry is the World’s Strongest Man, but is he one of it’s most emotional?  RJ City metaphorically has shoved Sally Jesse Raphael aside with his new AEW program “Hey! EW” and despite the latter sharing the bond of three first names with Henry it was RJ who got the big man to open up. We are all aware of Mark’s physical power, but what about his emotional power?

“I am overly emotional, but do not take my emotions for weakness,” Mark makes clear to RJ. “They make me stronger. Me crying, me being frustrated, makes me more aggressive as opposed to people who cry and sulk.”

RJ is curious if Eurythmics singer, Annie Lennox, happens to cajole tears out of the World’s Strongest Man.

“Annie Lennox, Celine Dion is not going to make me emotional it’s going to make me go, ‘Oh, showtunes!’ But no, I think what makes me emotional is situations,” and Mark uses the example of an under-privleged youth overcoming odds as something that cuts to the core to him. The man who cut to the core of Henry’s wrestling heart was none other than Andre The Giant and he tells RJ about attending a show in Texas in where a young Mark was literally picked up by the large legend. Henry was reaching to touch Andre and Mark sure got more than that.

“These badass kids behind me as I’m reaching pushed me and my hands were on the floor. So it was like a bicycle rack so now my feet are up and Andre’s like ‘what the hell,’ and he picks me up and puts me back. Listen, I was already a wrestling fan, I was at a wrestling show trying to reach out and touch. So after he physically touched me I felt like, man, I didn’t know that I could be a wrestler. I didn’t know if there was an option for that, for me, but it put me in the mindset that I would always be a wrestling fan.”

RJ continued to channel the late David Frost by inquiring Mark about his  current “retired” status.

“What if this is just a big con?” He asks.

“It may be, but who knows?” Mark replies. “Who knows if it is? Add if I keep ’em guessing long enough, then they’ll always have me on the brain. That’s it.”

Enjoy “Hey! EW” in it’s full entirity below:

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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