joey janela's spring break 6

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 (Part 1): Janela vs. X-Pac, New Champions Crowned

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 (Part 1) – 03/31/22

Vacant GCW Tag Team Championship

The Briscoes defeated H8 Club and Second Gear Crew to WIN the titles 

The Briscoes pinned Slade (who entered the match as a sub for H8 Club) after a Doomsday Device. Prior to the event, GCW announced Matt Tremont was unable to appear on the show, and Nick Gage said he was going to compete on his own. During the match, Slade came to the ring and he was recognized as a legal competitor. 

Blake Christian defeated AR Fox 

Fox nearly wins after consecutive Ace Crushers, but Christian comes back with a Frog Splash for a near fall. Fox avoids a 450 splash and hits one of his own, but Christian narrowly kicks out. Christian dodges Foxcatcher and hits a lifting knee strike, then hits a Spanish Fly and Golden Trident for the win. 

Mickie James defeated Allie Katch 

This one had some good back and forth action that saw Mickie put Allie Katch through a door sitting on top of two chairs. The two had a callback to Mickie’s WrestleMania 22 moment with Trish, then the final moments of the match saw the two share a kiss. Allie, who went into the match calling it a ‘fantasy’ rather than a dream match, went in to taunt James, but Mickie planted one on her and followed up with a superkick to her stunned opponent. A Mick-D-T later and Mickie won it via pinfall. Mickie then gave her another kiss after the match, then she flipped off the referee before he raised her arm in victory. 

After she got to her feet, Allie cut a promo and said she heard a few people booing Mickie, but took issue because she’s an icon in wrestling. Allie said she wouldn’t be there without Mickie, then said she just had the first women’s match at Joey Janela’s Spring Break and there’s going to be more in the future.

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Nick Wayne wins the Spring Break Scramble Match 

Participants in the match were: Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Alec Price, Jack Cartwheel, Nick Wayne, Gringo Loco, and Ninja Mack. Wayne took everyone out on the floor with a 630 splash, then he got Lloyd in the ring and hit an Ace Crusher off the ropes to win. 

Joey Janela defeated X-Pac 

Janela put X-Pac’s head on a chair and went up top, but X-Pac jumped up and hit him in the head with the chair. Janela crashed through a door set up on the floor, then X-Pac rolled him back in and smashed the chair over Janela’s head. Janela got back up and begged him off, and X-Pac looked conflicted as Janela hugged him. Janela then kicked X-Pac in the nuts and hit a superkick to win it.

After the match, X-Pac took the mic as fans chanted “You still got it” at him, and he said it doesn’t feel that way because he’s beat up. He says his body is asking him ‘What the fuck’s the matter with you, Sean?”’ but he tells his body that he can’t help it because he loves this shit. He said he feels like GCW is family now and he’d take a bullet for anyone, but he promises them that he’s not done yet.

GCW Championship

Jon Moxley (c) defeated AJ Gray to retain 

This was quite the battle that saw Moxley busted open early, and Gray was whipped with (and wrapped) in barbed wire. Moxley tried hitting a Death Valley Driver through a door set up on the floor, but Gray hit an STO on the apron and climbed a ladder. Gray splashed Moxley through the door, then took a swig of liquor and the two faced off in the ring. Mox and Gray traded strikes, then Mox got the advantage before Gray nearly stole it with a rollup.

They go back to strikes before Gray connects with a Lariat for a near fall. Gray gets a bundle of light tubes that is wrapped in barbed wire and Mox begs him off, but Gray runs and swings at him. Mox ducks and connects with an Ace Crusher on the stack of light tubes, then hits a piledriver… and somehow still only gets a two count. Moxley gets another set of light tubes and hits Death Rider on them, and makes the cover to retain. 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Alex Colon to WIN the Ultraviolent Championship 

Colon won a bloody and brutal main event. Murdoch attacked him with light tubes before the bell even rang, but Colon made a comeback early on. Both men were busted open and repeatedly smashed light tubes over each other’s heads, and Colon used shards of the tubes and a steak knife to carve up Murdoch’s head. Colon hit a legdrop onto Murdoch, who was holding a stack of light tubes. Colon followed up with a tope into Murdoch and a stack of light tubes, but something goes awry as Murdoch sidesteps Colon, who charged him near the ring post.

Colon is screaming after he hits the ring post with his right shoulder. Murdoch is backed away by the referee, then the medical staff come out and tape up his right arm. Colon gets back in the ring and wants to finish the match, so Murdoch pounds on his back and rubs Colon’s face in glass. Murdoch picks Colon up and suplexes him into a bundle of light tubes, but Colon kicks out at two. Murdoch takes a 2×4 with a piece of metal and smashes it on Colon’s shoulder, then applies an armbar and makes Colon tap out.

Murdoch takes the mic and says it was about time he got what was coming to him, then told Colon to pack his bags because he doesn’t belong there anymore.