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FTR On Splitting With Tully Blanchard, The Potential Of Being Paired With Bret Hart

FTR and Tully Blanchard might not be together anymore, but there could be another WWE Hall of Famer in line to manage Dax and Cash.

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler recently sat down with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about their recent split with Tully Blanchard, FTR said it came down to Blanchard losing focus on what’s important.

“If you lose focus, you lose your job. We need something that’s going to make sure that we are at the top. And since we’ve lost the AEW World Tag Team titles, that’s the top. And we’re not there right now,” Cash Wheeler said. “So when Tully came in, he was laser-focused. He gave us this edge and he gave us these ideas and he had this knowledge that was untapped and it got us over the hump. When we won the AEW tag team titles thanks to Tully.

“But I feel like when we didn’t immediately get that rematch and we weren’t Champions for over a year, he goes where the gold is. And I don’t think, Dax and I, we’re family. We say he’s my brother. We don’t have to be related to be family. And so if you’re not part of the family, if you’re not looking out for the well-being of each other, then it’s about more than money. That’s something we’ve always kind of said. It’s not about the money. It’s about the legacy. It’s about the people that you meet along the way. And I never would have imagined the friendship that we have now and the things that we’ve accomplished after all these years.”

Now that the split with Tully Blanchard is official, there have also been a lot of teases on AEW Dynamite lately about the potential arrival of Bret “The Hitman” Hart to manage FTR. Hart hasn’t been seen in All Elite Wrestling since the first Double or Nothing pay-per-view, where he introduced the AEW World Championship. When asked what it would mean to them to work with The Hitman, FTR didn’t hold back on their feelings for The Excellence of Execution.

“He’s that guy that just touched lives. So for us to be able to say that there has been so many Legends that we’ve lost in the past couple of years that I would have loved to have gotten the chance to work with like we never got to work with Bobby Eaton, stuff like that, I don’t want to miss out on those anymore,” FTR said. “So there’s a chance that even if it’s just for one night or it’s just backstage where he’s talking to us, giving advice, that’s cool with me. I don’t know. Whatever could be possible. I’m not going to add any fuel to that fire. But even if it’s just a one-night thing, where he’s backstage, hanging out, just giving advice to people, that would be cool just to get to work with Bret and let him know how much he’s influenced us, even though he already knows because we talked about it nonstop.”

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