nxt stand and deliver results

WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Results (4/2/22)

April 2, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Toxic Attraction (c) vs. Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai

Jayne attacks Gonzalez from behind. Gonzalez sends Jayne out of the ring with a big boot. Gonzalez alley-oops Dolan on the top rope. Kai tags in and Gonzalez suplexes her on top of Dolan for a near fall. Dolan and Kai trade pinfall attempts. Kai and Gonzalez hit a running boot/airplane spine combo for another near fall. Jayne tags in and takes down Kai. Jayne and Dolan take turns working over Kai. Kai manages to tag in Gonzalez. Gonzalez almost hits her finish but Jayne escapes.

Big boot by Gonzalez. Flying elbow by Gonzalez. Kai hits a spider suplex on Jayne. Dolan breaks up the pin. Kai and Jayne boot each other in the face at the same time. Both women are down. Jayne and Kai trade strikes. Dolan and Jayne hit a series of German suplexes on Kai. Jayne and Dolan hit Toxic Shock. Kai kicks out. Wendy Choo walks down to the ring and throws a drink in Dolan’s face. Gonzalez boots Dolan in the face. In the ring, Kai hits a running boot on Jayne. Gonzalez hits her powerbomb for the win.

Winners and NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai!

North American Championship Ladder Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) w/Trick Williams vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Santos Escobar w/Legado del Fantasma vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Grayson Waller w/Sanga

Hayes tells everyone in the ring that they don’t deserve his title. Hayes kicks Sikoa in the face. Everyone attacks Hayes. Williams pulls Hayes out of the ring. Grimes goes up top, Hayes pushes him off. Sikoa and Hayes are alone in the ring. Sikoa misses a superkick. Escobar clotheslines Sikoa out of the ring. Dropkicks by Escobar. Escobar hits the ropes but Grimes pulls him out of the ring. Grimes and Sikoa unload on Hayes. Waller and Escobar clear the ring. Waller tells Sanga to give him a ladder. On the other side of the ring, Escobar instructs Wilde and Mendoza to do the same. Waller sends the ladder into Legado. Sikoa lands a dive on Sanga. Escobar suicide dives into Sikoa. Hayes takes out Grimes with an Asai moonsault.

Waller sets up a dive but choices to set up a ladder instead. Sikoa cuts Waller off and traps in behind a ladder in the corner. Sikoa sends Hayes into the ladder. Escobar charges in and ends up trapped in the corner on a ladder. Sikoa lands a running hip attack that crushes everyone. Sikoa climbs the ladder. Grimes cuts him off. Grimes and Sikoa trade strikes. Sikoa gets dumped out of the ring. Grimes hits Hayes with a ladder, that turns him inside out. Escober dropkicks a ladder into Grimes nuts. Escobar sets up a ladder and starts to climb. Waller rolls into the ring and hits a cutter. Waller starts to climb. Hayes knocks him off the ladder with a springboard clothesline. Hayes tries another springboard but Sikoa superkicks him out of the ring.



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