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Drew McIntyre Explains Why He Destroyed The Ring At WrestleMania 38

Drew McIntyre picked up an emphatic win over Happy Corbin on the opening night of WWE WrestleMania 38. After the bout, he took his famous sword, Angela, and used it to break the ring ropes.

In a WWE Digital Exclusive, “The Scottish Warrior” reflected on how he had fun at “The Showcase of the Immortals”. He particularly took joy in noting that Happy Corbin must be pretty sad right now.

“I don’t know if you noticed, I was having a bit of a good time,” said McIntyre. “Good time beating up Corbin, a good time with the WWE Universe out there. They were absolutely electric, electric. And did you see that moment where old Drew McIntyre was the first person ever to kick out of the End of Days? Oh, Corbin is a sad Corbin right now.”

As for his reasoning behind destroying the ring, McIntyre noted that the ladies are always trying to touch his sword, and he wanted to show that it could do some real damage.

“The thing about Drew McIntyre, if I could be serious for a minute, is that I’ve got something that’s big, heavy, and all the ladies are always trying to touch…of course, I’m talking about my sword right here,” said McIntyre. “A lot of people have been saying I don’t know if that thing’s real, he’s always swinging it around. He’s never gonna do any damage. Madcap tried to take away my WrestleMania moment after I defeated Corbin, and I took out those ropes to prove if you get too close to old Drew McIntyre, Angela is gonna taste some action. Happy Mania.”

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