WWE WrestleMania 38 Alpha Academy RK-Bro Street Profits
Image Credit: WWE

WrestleMania 38 Night 2: RK-Bro vs. Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy Result

In the first match at WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two, RK-Bro defended the RAW Tag Team Championship against The Street Profits and Alpha Academy.

As one might expect, the red brand’s three top teams kicked off the show with some fast-paced action, and the crowd ate it right up. Montez Ford took flight early on and dove onto his opponents outside the ring.

Chad Gable followed suit with a moonsault to the outside. Otis proceeded to overpower the opposition for a stretch before Randy Orton tagged in to a thunderous roar from the crowd. “The Viper” took control with a flurry of offense, and RK-Bro showcased the power of friendship with a double spike DDT. Ford wowed the crowd again with a double-team blockbuster. Riddle then hit Ford with a super RKO, and Orton put Gable away with a RKO of his own.

After the match, The Street Profits gave RK-Bro some of their solo cups, and the two teams were about to drink together after Ford invited Olympic gold medalist (and WWE signee) Gable Steveson into the ring. WWE’s other Gable slapped the drink out of Steveson’s hand, and the newcomer took his shirt off. Gable told Steveson he has a lot to learn, and the Olympian threw Gable to send him a message.

Steveson then drank with RK-Bro and The Street Profits to celebrate.

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