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Pat McAfee Beats Austin Theory, Loses To Vince McMahon At WrestleMania 38

Pat McAfee bit off more than he could chew at WWE WrestleMania 38 Night Two when he faced Austin Theory.

Vince McMahon came to the ring before the match and personally introduced Theory as a future WWE Universal Champion. Theory came to the ring and took a selfie with the WWE Chairman.

Meanwhile, McAfee got a special entrance of his own, as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders did a routine and rooted him on. Once the bell rang, McAfee took the fight to Theory with some punches. He took the young star down with an elbow and a hurricanrana. Theory gained the upper hand, much to McMahon’s approval, as the chairman watched on at ringside. McAfee fired back with a suplex and sent Theory crashing off the apron. The match spilled to the outside, and McAfee dumped water on Theory while he trash-talked him.

McAfee went to the top rope, fueled by the passionate crowd’s cheers, and went for a Swanton, but Theory rolled out of the way. He took control again, but he took too long to taunt. His arrogance gave McAfee enough time to recover, and he leaped to the top rope before he dropped Theory with a superplex.

Theory responded by taking out McAfee’s knee and grounding him. But Theory took too long to gloat, and McAfee rolled him up for the win.

After the match, McMahon slapped Theory and scolded him. McAfee taunted Theory and McMahon, and the chairman took his jacket off. He took his tie and his shirt off before he got into the ring. With the WWE Chairman distracting McAfee, Theory attacked him from behind. The referee was still in the ring, and he rang the bell. McMahon dropped McAfee with a clothesline and slammed him into the corner. He continued to beat McAfee up, but the former NFL punter stood up. He stared McMahon down, but Theory pulled the fan-favorite crotch-first into the ring post.

Theory gave McMahon a football, and McMahon mocked McAfee by punting the football at him. McMahon then pinned McAfee for the win. The chairman then hugged Theory and raised his hand. But then “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came to the ring, one night after he returned to the ring, and dropped Theory with a Stunner. He then stared down his nemesis and invited him to drink with him. In classic “Stone Cold” fashion, Austin hit McMahon with a Stunner. He then celebrated with more beer, much to the crowd’s delight.

“Stone Cold” invited McAfee into the ring, and they drank together to celebrate. But then Austin dropped McAfee with a Stunner to stand tall by himself.

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