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Pat McAfee Says He Didn’t Know Stone Cold Stunner Was Going To Happen At WrestleMania 38

Pat McAfee was ready for his match with Austin Theory, but it sounds as if he wasn’t privy to what followed it.

Monday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show featured some WrestleMania 38 discussion from McAfee and his co-hosts. McAfee led by talking about Steve Austin’s surprise appearance on night two and said he had no idea the segment was going to happen and added that he had beer in his eyes and ears after taking a Stunner.

Asked what happened with Vince McMahon being added, McAfee said you could hear a noticeable uptick in volume from fans when Vince first went to take his jacket off.

“You should have heard the stadium when [Vince] was thinking about [getting in the ring]. He had that jacket on and he tempted taking it off, man there was a buzz raising in there,” McAfee explained. “I was like, ‘Is this [really happening]?’

McAfee then went on to explain that he didn’t know what would follow, as the teased confrontation led to a “match” between the two.

“People need to know — people understand what the wrestling business is, but there are things that happen on a very regular occasion, like ‘this is not how this is supposed to go’ and you just are like, there’s people around that are like, ‘Hey, yeah, this is happening now.’ Basically. And I’m just like, ‘OK…’ I sat up on the ropes, I sat there for a second and I saw 76-year-old Vince McMahon taking his shirt off and I’m like, ‘Is this a movie right now? It has to be a simulation.’ And then Austin Theory attacks me from behind, Vince abuses his power and that ref, what the f-ck was that ref even doing? I have no idea what that ref was even doing,” McAfee said.

Co-host AJ Hawk then asked if McAfee knew Austin was coming out next, and he admitted that he didn’t, but felt like WWE trusted him enough to figure things out and go with it.

“Listen, I was sitting there just befuddled with everything that was going on in my life right there. And I’m not good enough in that business for everything that happened there. There was a lot of trust that was placed upon me, hindsight, that should not have been because I’m in there, like, I should have been given a heads up. I’ve done this three times, like should I have not been given a heads up? Hindsight, like they were really confident in me figuring some stuff out, I guess. But it was cool, AJ.”

McAfee claimed he was also still undefeated because his match with Vince was not sanctioned, then Hawk put over Austin Theory as a great foil for McAfee, noting that it takes a talented person to get people to draw as much heat as he did.

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