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Los Lotharios On Their WWE Tenure: We’re On A Good Path, Living In The Moment

los lotharios
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Los Lotharios are taking things one step at a time and enjoying their WWE run.

WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo spoke with Los Lotharios (Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo) at WrestleMania 38 about their WWE goals and their respective runs to this point. Garza said that they are happy with where they are at on SmackDown, but they will keep working towards getting more and more opportunities in the future.

“Keep doing what we’re doing,” Angel Garza said. “We’re doing great by this point. We are on every single week on SmackDown. We are on TV, and I think we are on a good path. We don’t need to rush anything. We just got to feel the moment. Live it, be on the same path, keep walking, never try to run, always be walking and I think that’s the goal is to stay focused on what we’re doing and keep on the track. If you try to run, you’re gonna fall, right? And then we’re not where we wanna be at. If you try to rush it. You won’t do anything. One thing at a time, one step at a time. And then, by a certain point, you’re going to look back, and okay, I really did all of that? Nice. And if you rush it, probably you’re gonna get to the top of the mountain, but how much did you enjoy it? Oh, now I’m on the top. What’s going on? What’s gonna happen? I made it? What’s next?”

“Yeah, [I have the] same mentality,” Humberto said. “Just being in the moment, enjoying and being patient because I don’t know. I think the key is being patient. You have to wait. You have to work hard, obviously, for what you want. It’s not going to just arrive to your door. If you don’t work hard, you just do nothing. So you have to work hard, be patient and just put all the love and make what you like. Control what you can control, and if you can’t control that, just don’t be worried. Don’t be frustrated. Don’t be anything; just let it go. And at a certain point, it’s gonna come.”

On a lighter note, the pair also spoke about their affection for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, among other franchises, and Angel joked that they could be WWE’s Latino superheroes.

“I go for Marvel. Here are your next Latino superstars, or superheroes,” Angel Garza said. “We can start kissing — that can be our power.” [laughs]

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