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Sasha Banks: I’m Already A Hall Of Famer, I’m Searching For That Last Piece of My Legacy

From a young age, Sasha Banks knew that being a WWE star was her destiny, and she has made it a reality by reaching great heights with the company. But with the enticing potential for success in Hollywood in her future, Banks’ long-term future is unclear.

“The Legit Boss” is a Grand Slam Champion in WWE; she has done it all. Banks has won the NXT Women’s Championship on all three brands, and she is also a two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion. (She currently holds the titles with Naomi.) With so many accolades on her resume, Banks is searching for her next defining accomplishment.

During a recent appearance on Impaulsive, Banks recalled how she knew she was bound for WWE when she was 10 years old. “The Blueprint” noted that, to her, her first training sessions came when she was a kid, as she watched “film” every single day. She went on to describe how she realized that WWE was her “calling”.

“I was born to be a WWE superstar, so it’s very natural for me because it’s everything that I’ve been watching since I was 10,” said Banks. “When you’re 10 years, it’s like that’s when I first studied. That’s when I had my first training sessions, just watching film every single day knowing that my future was going to be in the ring one day.

“… I absolutely knew that that was my calling. Sitting in my room, just watching WWE, it just clicked on. And then the lights just shine on you. Your mind just goes, ‘bing’, woah. This is your purpose. This is why you were on this earth. You’re the next big thing, and you’re about to change the game and the world with wrestling.”

When asked if she wants to become a crossover star, like John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Banks stated that it’s her goal, but chasing his objective has been difficult due to WWE’s demanding schedule. She then explained that she feels like she’ll eventually have to choose WWE, Hollywood, or another venture. Banks also described how she feels like she’s already a Hall of Famer, given her accomplishments, so she’s looking for her “last legacy piece.”

“Yes I am,” said Banks. “Yes I am. It’s kind of really hard to do with the WWE schedule. I mean when I show ‘The Mandalorian’ last year, it went from doing TV, doing live events, and then just getting on a plane, going to LA, shooting all week. Getting on a red-eye, going back to TV, putting my hair in, taking my hair out, for three months. For three months and it was just wow. So if I’m going to take over the world, it’s like I gotta choose one or the other.

“And that’s the hard part to think of because wrestling’s been my life my whole life. So when that time and the opportunity comes, it’s like I really have to sit back and think what’s next, you know? Is it full-time Hollywood? Is it full-time doing something else that I have passion about, or is it still being here and making more history and changing the game and leaving a legacy that’s forever cemented? But I feel like I’ve already done that. I feel like I’m already a Hall of Famer, I already feel like I’ve done it all so it’s like what is that last, last legacy piece that I can leave here? I’m still searching for it.”

Banks and Naomi ill defend the titles against Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley on the April 11 episode of WWE RAW.

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