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WWE NXT Results 2.0 (4/5/22)

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WWE NXT 2.0 Results

April 5, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Bron Breakker

Breakker talks about how wild his weekend was. Half of the crowd chants for Ziggler, and the other half chant that they don’t, in fact, want Ziggler. Breakker starts to talk about the WrestleMania weekend. IMPERIUM inturupts. GUNTHER says Breakker’s reign means nothing until he steps in the ring with the Ring General. Breakker says if GUNTHER wants his shot, he can have it tonight. The Creed Brothers walk down the ramp and attack Aichner and Barthel.

IMPERIUM vs. The Creed Brothers

Julius and Brutus work over Barthel. Barthel tags in Aichner catches Julius out of the air and hits a squatting senton. Barthel chop blocks Brutus. Aichner and Barthel take turns working over Brutus’ injured leg. Barthel sets up the IMPERIUM barrage but Aichner just walks away, leaving Barthel alone. The Creeds hit their finish on a bleeding Barthel for the win.

Winners- The Creed Brothers

As Julius and Brutus are celebrating, two masked men hit them with chairs. It’s the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly.

In-Ring Segment: Cameron Grimes

Grimes says he did what he promised. He stood on that ladder and pulled down the North American Championship. Grimes thought of his father, who gave his blood, sweat, and tears to make him the man he is today. He spent the last three years proving that he deserves to be a superstar. He is pleased t0 say he is the new North American Champion. He’s going to take the tile to the moon. Solo Sikoa walks down to the ring.

Sikoa says he wants to congratulate Grimes. Now comes the hard part; now Grimes has to defend it. Championships run through Sikoa’s Bloodline. Sikoa asks for a title shot. Grimes tells Uce that he’s on. The two shake hands. Grimes pulls Sikoa in close. Sikoa nods.

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