Happy Corbin Madcap Moss WWE SmackDown
Image Credit: WWE

Happy Corbin And Madcap Moss Split Up On 4/8 WWE SmackDown

The April 8 episode of WWE SmackDown was the day the laughter died, as Happy Corbin tired of Madcap Moss‘ sense of humor.

Clearly upset about his loss to Drew McIntyre at WWE WrestleMania 38, Corbin hosted a downcast version of “Happy Talk”, and upon reflection, he blamed Moss for his defeat to “The SmackDown Warrior.” The former King of the Ring winner also stated that Moss’ win in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal went to his head. When he told Moss to tell him a joke as if his job depended on it, the jokester failed to make Corbin laugh. Happy then snapped when Moss criticized the way he treated his friends and the way he dressed, as he attacked Moss from behind.

Moss fought back, and the two stars brawled around ringside until Moss got the upper hand and left Corbin lying.

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