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Lisa Marie Varon Would Be Honored If Liv Morgan Used ‘All The Things She Said’ As Her WWE Theme Song

Liv Morgan has a fan in Lisa Marie Varon.

Liv Morgan recently appeared on Spotify Greenroom’s Complex Unsanctioned where she shared that she’d like to use Poppy’s cover of t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said” as her own theme song. Morgan said that Victoria’s WWE theme was an iconic theme and thought it’d be cool to use the updated track.

Lisa, as well as GAW TV co-hosts Mickie James and SoCal Val, recently spoke with WrestleZone about the WWE theme and Morgan’s request, and Lisa said she is totally on board if it were to happen.

“Heck yeah! Are you kidding me? I still get Tweets and [comments] on social media, like when it pops up on the radio, they tag me, ‘I just thought of you.’ Oh my gosh, it’s flattering when someone wants to do one of your moves or the song, it’s still a compliment and I’m very honored,” Lisa said. “Honestly, I’m very honored, so please [go for it].”

“I love Liv Morgan, she’s such a good person,” Mickie added. “She’s so sweet, she really, really is. 

Varon used the original song in WWE from December 2002 until May 2004. She later debuted a new track called “Don’t Mess With” which was still used for her more recent appearances. During the Complex interview, Morgan said that she hopes to circle back around someday and use it in WWE, so there’s a chance that it might come to fruition.

Check out our full interview with the GAW TV team and learn more about their DressleMania charity effort in Dallas at this link.

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