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Road Dogg Had To Punch Vader In The Head To Earn His Respect In The Ring

Road Dogg is all ready for his brand new podcast and it’s a surefire notion that Brian James will indeed have some stories to share.

Oh… You Didn’t Know? officially releases on April 14 on Podcast Heat, but the show is currently available exclusively over at James along with co-host Ryan Katz (formerly of WWE) kick off the first episode by discussing the formation of the New Age Outlaws, but that isn’t all the duo “break down” on the show.

Road Dogg spoke about his initial journey with Billy by first working as a babyface singles star against Honky Tonk Man and battling other wrestlers such as the Hart Foundation, Billy Gunn himself and the man they call Vader. In an early podcast preview exclusive with WrestleZone, James detailed how he had to “mark his territory” as Road Dogg when working with Vader, who was notorious for working stiff.

“So I worked with Vader on a couple of loops, and finally I called my brother, Steve [Armstrong], who had worked with him in Japan,” James stated. “And I said, ‘Man, he’s beating my brains out. Like every night I just get beat up for six minutes, you know?’ He said, ‘Well, you got to get his respect.’ And I said, ‘Well, how do you do that? Carry his bag? What do you want me to do?’ You know? And he said, ‘You got to punch him in the head as hard as you can.'”

“I said, ‘Wait, what? Big Van Vader? You want me to punch him in the head as hard as I can? And he said, ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘I promise you, you get his respect physically. It’ll be easy, smooth sailing and truth be told, I’ll never forget it, as long as I live. He got me back in the corner he would hit you with those fists,” James explained. “Bam, bam, bam. Well, he hit me with like four or five of them that were good, good snug shots. You know, I ducked out from under one and I just peppered him in the forehead with not my close fist, but by kind of like my fist and I hit him about six times really, really hard in the head. And then I backed all the way to the opposite turnbuckle and put my hands up and just looked at him.

“And I was just saying, ‘Hey man, you know, I’m sorry, but if I’m getting my butt beat, I might as well get some punches in.’ So my brother was not lying. It was smooth sailing from then on every match,” James noted. “Even later in that match, it was better, but every match after that was, ‘Hey, man, what do you want to do?’ He was a good guy. He really was. You just kind of had to get to know him. Cause he was a baby bull for sure.”

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