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Giovanna Angle Recalls Seeing Snipers On The Roof, Fireworks Protocols At WrestleMania 38

Fireworks take priority over everything at WWE WrestleMania 38.

On the latest episode of The Wives of Wrestling Podcast, Giovanna Angle discussed her experience at WrestleMania 38. She also went on to reveal that there were three snipers on the roof of AT&T Stadium and detailed some of the security measures in place during the big event.

“Oh, how about this? Did you know there are snipers there at [WrestleMania]?” Giovanna Angle asked. “So we were outside okay waiting for — which shout out to Texas police. Coolest freakin’ people ever. We love them. They were trying to find our car, and they could put us in a golf cart, and we were outside like 80,000 fans, and we were in the back of the golf cart trying to find our car, and people do some crazy shit outside after ‘Mania. It was the coolest frickin day. But they were like talking to us. And there was like three snipers on top of the building. Because there was bomb dogs like smelling every car that was going in, and we’re like, Oh, that’s cool. Asking questions. He’s like, ‘Yeah, they were having these guns’ we’re like ‘those sniper guns?’ and they are like, No, the sniper guns are on top of that building right there. And we looked up, and there was three snipers just like that. They’re like yeah, for this many people. You need security.”

Co-host Jon Alba noted that snipers and a large security presence is normal protocol at an event the size of WrestleMania, and that it’s also something seen at the Super Bowl. Giovanna Angle went on to say that there was communication to get the snipers off the roof of the building before the big fireworks display went off, so the snipers weren’t injured.

“Inside and also out, and all of a sudden, we heard them talking to the snipers,” Giovanna Angle continued. “They’re like you need to get down, five minutes. Then I was like, What’s going on? And they’re like, because of the fireworks. Snipers were on top of the fireworks, and they needed them to get down so they wouldn’t get hurt. And then they got back out, which was so close. I had to say that shout out to the security, shout out to the police and everybody that kept everybody safe.”

WrestleMania fireworks were also a point of contention on a recent episode of The Wives of Wrestling podcast when it was revealed that the Hardys “stole” Kurt Angle’s pyro at WrestleMania 33. Read more about the incident here, and Kurt’s response at this link.

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