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Kaitlyn Believes Big E’s WWE Title Win Was An Eye-Opening Moment For Him: ‘It’s So, So Beautiful’

Kaitlyn feels like Big E’s WWE Championship win helped show her friend just how beautiful he really is.

Former WWE star Celeste Bonin [FKA Kaitlyn] recently appeared on The Sessions with Renée Paquette and delved into her friendship with Big E. Bonin described the moment when she watched her friend become WWE Champion, a moment that she believed helped Big E start to realize how something just clicked within him.

“E and I have been so close for years and years, even since I haven’t been wrestling or on the road but we have always touched base. [We talk about] ‘here’s where I’m at’ or something funny or an old match memory or something. It’s funny, like you could go through our text thread if we had a consistent one,” Bonin explained, “you could see the shifts in both of us in our like perceptions and our ability to be open and to just like expand ourselves.

“We actually connect on a deeper level now because he so much has —he’s brilliant. He’s brilliant and he’s been through a lot and he’s experienced a lot. So all of us have but in particular, we have so much love for him and I personally think that when he got the title, something just either dissolved within him or aligned or clicked. It was almost like he could see himself more clear because I don’t know one person that was not so f-cking elated that he won the title. Because there’s not someone more deserving and more unbelievably charismatic and loving and such a beautiful person,” she said. “I 100 percent feel like it helped him open his eyes just a little bit to like, who he is. Because none of us ‘see’ ourselves, ya know? Like, I think he’s starting to think that he’s really opening up to that and it’s so, so beautiful.”

Bonin agreed with Paquette’s description of Big E and said he is a magical creature and “there’s not a better way to describe him.”

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