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Maria Kanellis Launches Women’s Wrestling Army

Maria Kanellis is forming a new army for the women of professional wrestling.

Current IMPACT Wrestling star Maria Kanellis took to social media to reveal a new project that she’s been working on, Women’s Wrestling Army.

Maria writes:

The Journey

It’s a thousand seemingly insignificant decisions. The wrong turns. The dead ends. The climb. The process. The passion. The failures. And the successes. It’s the no. The next no. A million beating drums in your mind that continue to tell you no. Can you do this? The unthinkable. A hated word Diva. That defined, your career. Can you, small town girl, Diva turn that no to that brilliantly simple but almost unattainable word, Yes? Yes. You can transition. From small town girl turned Diva, to an Apprentice, a voice, an example, from bitter to better, to manage, to mother, to produce, to produce change. Changing ever so slightly, to keep up with my less experienced contemporaries, to stay relevant. For them to speak out. And stand up. To create opportunity. Crafting a craft that is in a position with the possibility to overhaul or overtake an industry with innovation on a platform with performance in professional wrestling. What’s NEXT? CEO? BOD? What’s Next?

Build an ARMY

Maria Kanellis followed those tweets with a video promo that revealed the Women’s Wrestling Army name. Further details are unknown at this time, but hopefully, we will get more details from Kanellis soon.

Last year Kanellis spoke with WrestleZone about her role with the women in Ring of Honor, so perhaps her time with that company has helped prepare her for this moment. You can check out that interview by clicking here.

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What do you make of Maria Kanellis’ announcement? Are you excited about the potential launch of another women’s wrestling company in the United States? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.