Good Brothers
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The Good Brothers Got A Standing Ovation From The IMPACT Locker Room For Losing The Tag Titles

The Good Brothers are ready to take back what’s theirs, but it sounds as if the IMPACT Wrestling locker room doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson [AKA The Good Brothers] recently spoke to WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion event. The IMPACT Tag Team Championship will be up for grabs in an Eight-Team Elimination Challenge match, and it would appear that Doc and Karl are favorites to win the titles back. The pair are always in the title mix and they say it’s something that’ll remain true after Rebellion.

“We’re always overconfident Bill, I think we’re overconfident here today, as always,” Doc explained. “We’ve been the champions so long during our IMPACT Wrestling run that I think if you’re not privy to what’s going on, you still think we’re the champions. Violent By Design, it’s a great team, it’s a great act, it’s a great stable but we’re the best at being a great stable. No matter how many teams are at Rebellion and no matter how many teams get thrown into the mix, the Good Brothers are gonna use that same ‘ole recipe — Magic Killer, 1-2-3. It’s just too sweet and [we’ll] put some gold around our waists.”

On a lighter note, Karl went on to mention that when he and Gallows recently dropped the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles to Violent By Design, it was something that apparently delighted the locker room.

“Here’s a shoot — this is very true, there was a standing ovation when we lost the tag team titles in the locker room and it wasn’t because the match was good. And it was good, but it wasn’t because of that, it was because the people in the locker room were happy that we lost the titles [laughs],” remembered Karl. “We’re always overconfident, even when we lose we know we’re gonna be back in the mix. We’re always in the mix, we’ll always be in the mix and people don’t like it and we don’t care.”

IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view takes place on Saturday, April 23 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Stay tuned for our full interview with the Good Brothers on WrestleZone next week.

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