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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Mark Henry Says ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ For His In-Ring Return

Mark Henry famously stated that he has a lot left in the tank, but it seems as if he’s now content with how his in-ring career finished up.

Mark Henry spoke with SportsKeeda and was asked about the status of his in-ring career, which has been a topic of speculation since he joined All Elite Wrestling. In the past, Henry has said that he did not consider himself retired, and as recently as last summer said that he was getting back in ring shape. Now, Henry tells SK’s Riju Dasgupta that fans shouldn’t expect to see him in the ring, then explained how he wants to stay in the business and teach the next generation of talent.

“I would say don’t hold your breath, because I do not want to get hit. And if somebody hits me, I will call the police,” Henry joked.

“A lot of it is just growing up. As you get older, you start thinking about how you can stay in the business that you love when your body starts to hurt and you don’t want to do whatever the sport is no more. That was my mindset. I wanted to continue to be around the business and make a living, but I also wanted to share my knowledge and I found myself to be one of the most studied people about pro wrestling and how it works. I wanted to share that and you’re not supposed to take gifts to the grave,” Henry pointed out. “So I wanted to, before I go to God, everybody that loves my business the way that I love the business to know what I know.”

Mark Henry spoke to WrestleZone about the AEW Owen Hart Cup and what being able to honor Owen’s legacy means to him. Read more about how Owen played a vital role in his career and how that influence continues to this day at this link.

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