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Jay Lethal Discusses His ROH Return And His Pairing With Sonjay Dutt

Jay Lethal is widely viewed as one of the faces of Ring of Honor‘s recent years. With his combined two reigns, he’s the longest-reigning ROH World Champion in history. Lethal left the company and signed with All Elite Wrestling last November, but he has remained attached to the promotion since December. He competed at ROH Final Battle in December, and he also had a match at the company’s first show under Tony Khan’s ownership, Supercard of Honor.

Plus, he is engaged in a heated feud with ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe; the two stars had a staredown at ROH Supercard of Honor after Lethal has aligned with Sonjay Dutt and attacked ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham. The rivalry has spilled over to AEW TV, but it’s clear that Lethal will be featured in the new ROH.

During an appearance on Casual Conversations, the former ROH World Champion explained that the idea of working with Dutt was pitched to him, and while he was shocked, he noted that it made sense because they’re close friends in real life.

“That idea was presented to me and it was quite a shock to me when it was presented,” said Lethal. “All I can really think of is the fact that we’re always together, we ride to the shows together, sometimes when my match is done, I could go back to the hotel, but I stay till the very end because Sonjay, who’s one of the producers, he’s gotta stay till the end. I just think it’s a case of, everyone sees us together, and they know that we’re real-friend friends and they’re like man, these two would be cool together.

“That’s as much info as I can give you because the idea was just presented to me, and I was like, well I mean, why would I turn that down? I would love to do that. Work with my best friend? Come on, that’s easy. But I really think maybe it was sparked because when we you see us at AEW, we’re always together.”

Lethal went on to note that he feels “at home” in ROH when he’s the company’s world champion. Now that ROH is entering a new era, Lethal stated that he’s a natural fit for the world title icture, given his background and his previous success.

“I really think that I’m right at home in Ring of Honor when I’m the champion,” said Lethal. “And of AEW’s gonna start up Ring of Honor again, to me it makes, it only makes sense that I’m in that world title picture since I’ve been in Ring of Honor so long, and [I’m] the most combined reigning longest world champion. I definitely think you can’t talk about Ring of Honor without mentioning Jay Lethal and the Ring of Honor World Title picture. So I think it’s just a natural thing that had to happen.”

Most recently, Lethal, Dutt and their new recruit, Satnam Singh, attacked Gresham again, but Joe made the save.

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