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Booker T Believes WWE Lifting Its Marijuana Policy Is Long Overdue

Booker T to the list of advocates for marijuana use in professional wrestling, especially for medicinal purposes.

Earlier this week, Fightful Select reported that WWE hasn’t suspended or fined anyone for marijuana in years, despite being listed as a banned substance on the company’s corporate website. It was noted that talent still gets tested for everything, but fines for marijuana are no longer enforced as they once were.

Booker T spoke about the report on his Hall Of Fame podcast, noting that marijuana has been proven to have plenty of positive qualities, especially for pain management. Booker called the idea of WWE rolling back its policy something that was long overdue and never should have been banned, to begin with.

“Yeah, man it’s a long time overdue with the marijuana policy being lifted,” Booker admitted on the most recent episode of his Hall of Fame Podcast. “Just because like you said, science proved what marijuana can do for so many different types of ailments, especially pain management. One thing about the professional wrestling game, the opioid problem got huge at one point in time. There were guys trying to self-medicate and we lost a lot of guys due to that.

“So, for me, I’ve been somewhat of an advocate. I’m not as outspoken as you know, RVD, I’m sure he’d be proud right now,” Booker said. “I’m sure he’d be happy, I’m sure he’s jumping for joy right now, I’m sure he’s celebrating [laughs] but definitely, I’ve always been someone that believes that shouldn’t be something that was on the banned list.”

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