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Booker T On Sherri Martel: I Hope Fans Look Back At Her Work And See Why She’s So Special

Booker T wants the world to see just how special the late Sherri Martel was.

Booker T and Reality Of Wrestling will honor Sherri Martel with a single-night women’s wrestling tournament on April 30 in Texas City, Texas. Booker spoke with WrestleZone during WrestleMania weekend when the tournament was originally scheduled and talked about not only what he hopes fans take from the event, but what he wants people to know about Sherri Martel.

“I watched Sherri well before she was with Shawn Michaels and all of that,” Booker said. “I watched Sherri’s career from when she was a vivacious young girl just getting into the business and turned into one of the best that the business has ever seen. [She was] just a believable character every time you saw her doing her stuff, she morphed into many different characters over her career as well. I just wish that they look back at her history and find out why Sherri’s so special and how she got to the point that she was, where she was considered Hall of Fame material. [I hope they ask] ‘Why are we still talking about Sherri all these years later, how can I get the point?’

“I think that’s what a lot of the younger guys and girls need to do these days and challenge themselves as opposed to just going out and thinking about the matches. Not just thinking about the matches, but ‘how can I make history in this business and be remembered throughout the annals of time’ and I think that’s what I’ve tried to create with every young person that I work with,” Booker added. “There’s no glass ceiling, this is your moment. The Sherri Martel Classic…this is your moment, go out there and seize it and see how good you really are.”

Booker also spoke about the tournament itself and said that there’s a great platform for everyone competing.

“Seeing the ladies take center stage, that’s really going to be awesome because the winner is a trailblazer,” Booker said. “They’ll be the first-ever Sherri Martel Classic winner and that may catapult them to the next level.”

Check out our full interview with Booker T at the top of this post, where he speaks about Sherri Martel’s effect on his career, Sharmell’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction, and memories of his WrestleMania feud with Edge over a Japanese shampoo commercial. More information about the upcoming event can be found on the Reality Of Wrestling website.

The Sherri Martel Classic takes place on Saturday, April 30, at the Booker T World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. Reality of Wrestling has announced that Hyan, Rache Chanel, Mystii Marks and Raychell Rose are some of the participants in the tournament.

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