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Mustafa Ali Wants To Beat Theory For The United States Title, Doesn’t Care About Anything Else

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Mustafa Ali wants to be WWE United States Champion.

Mustafa Ali returned to WWE television after 6 months to set his sights on the WWE United States Championship and he is making it clear that that particular title belt is the main object of his desire now that he is back on WWE TV. Prior to his return on Monday, April 25, Mustafa Ali was very clear that he wanted his release from WWE. He even openly stated that he turned down the opportunity to compete in the Royal Rumble because all he wanted to do was leave.

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After his return last night on Monday Night Raw, Ali was able to successfully defeat The Miz and for some reason, he was blindsided by Tommaso Ciampa after the match. Despite all of these distractions, Ali told Kevin Patrick on WWE Raw Talk that nothing will change his game plan, he wants to defeat Theory for the WWE United States Championship.

“Can we get a little bit more enthusiasm, too? C’mon, Mustafa Ali is back on Monday Night Raw. God It feels so good to say! Listen, yes, I had a game plan – come out challenge Theory for the United States Championship, but somehow, someway, I ended up in the match with The Miz, but I still got the win. The plan is the same. I beat The Miz. Now I have one man, and one man only, that’s on my radar, his name is Theory, and he has the United States Championship,” said Ali.

Turning his attention briefly to Ciampa, who has apparently had his named shortened as well, Mustafa Ali said he has no real clue as to why the former WWE NXT Champion did what he did, but it doesn’t change anything. He wants to be WWE United States Champion.

“Listen, I know exactly who Ciampa is, okay,” said Ali. “But, why he did what he did? I don’t know. And honestly, right now, I don’t care. [I am focused on] one man, and one man only, Theory and the United States Championship.”

Mustafa Ali was not the only person to return last night on Monday Night Raw. Asuka also returned. You can check out our full coverage here.

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