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Sonya Deville To Represent WWE At LA Pride Parade In June

Sonya Deville will represent WWE at the West Hollywood Pride Parade in June.

The LGBTQ community will be celebrated throughout Pride month in June, and as the first openly gay woman in WWE, Deville will help honor and bring more recognition to the community at the LA Pride Parade.

Deville shared the news during an appearance on the April 26 episode of The Pat McAfee Show and expressed her excitement about the opportunity.

“Pride month is coming up, obviously, and I am participating in the West Hollywood Pride Parade, which I’m super excited about, representing WWE as the first openly gay female, we are going to have a float or exotic car of some sort in the LA Pride Parade this year,” said Deville.

In the past, Deville has represented WWE at the Fort Lauderdale Pride Parade and New York World Pride.

When asked why the pride parades are so meaningful, Deville described how her involvement, as a WWE representative, helps show the world that women are welcome to be fans of sports entertainment and pursue a career in the field. She stated that attending the events on WWE’s behalf is a sign of support.

“It’s camaraderie, it’s visibility,” said Deville. “Being with WWE and representing WWE in a parade like this is showing so many people that girls wanting to be wrestlers or just watch wrestling like hey you’re welcome here and you’re represented, and you’re loved, not just by me, but by the entire company, we support you. So I think it’s big messaging for the company and I’m glad to kind of pioneer it and talk about it and just celebrate it.”

Deville went on to say that she wants to use her platform as a WWE superstar to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community to the point that everyone within it is more accepted.

On WWE TV, Deville is an official, and she competes somewhat frequently. She unsuccessfully challenged for the RAW Women’s Championship on the April 25 episode of WWE RAW.

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