Natalya Lash Legend Cora Jade Nikkita Lyons WWE NXT Spring Breakin'
Image Credit: WWE NXT

Natalya & Lash Legend vs. Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade Set For WWE NXT Spring Breakin’

Natalya tried to make a statement against Nikkita Lyons and found herself set for tag action at WWE NXT Spring Breakin’.

Lyons opened the April 26 episode of WWE NXT 2.0 in singles action against Lash Legend and she came out victorious. After the match Natalya attacked the fan-favorite star, who stepped up to the veteran the previous week. Legend and Natalya started to beat Lyons up until Cora Jade came in for the save.

Later in the show, a tag team bout between the duos was confirmed for NXT Spring Breakin’. During a promo later in the show, Natalya vowed to break Jade’s legs and find out how flexible she really is.

Jade has been working a program with Natalya since the former SmackDown Women’s Champion showed up on NXT to slap the taste out of the young stars’ mouth.

Later in the show, the broadcast team confirmed a bout between Grayson Waller and Nathan Frazer for NXT Spring Breakin’. The NXT standout was set to debut on Tuesday, but Waller attacked his opponent before the bell rang. Waller insulted Frazer and Chase U and later found a new friend when he and Tiffany Stratton criticized Frazer and people with accents.

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