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NJPW President: There Could Be A Forbidden Door Follow-Up Event In Japan If The Demand Is There

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door will be a remarkable event, as it will bring the two promotions together for one special night of elite in-ring competition. But with the pay-per-view still several weeks away, some fans are already curious about a potential sequel.

AEW has continued to strength its relationship with NJPW, and the supershow is the latest step in the evolution of this working agreement. According to NJPW president Takami Ohbari, having a joint show in Japan could be a possibility if there’s demand for it.

Ohbari addressed the possibility during an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. He stated that because travel between the two countries is opening back up, there will be an “impetus” for NJPW to explore holding a show like Forbidden Door in Japan.

“Traveling between Japan and the U.S. is no longer a significant problem,” says Ohbari, who also addressed whether there will be a follow-up event with AEW in Japan. “If Japanese fans are invested in this event and the demand is there, then there will absolutely be the impetus for us to take the next step of holding an event in Japan.”

AEW and NJPW are widely considered as two companies that offer the best wrestling in the world. Ohbari emphasized that NJPW wrestlers will carry the fighting spirit they’re known for into Forbidden Door. Beyond that, he noted that everyone will have to wait and see what the future holds for more collaboration between the two companies.

“NJPW and AEW will open the ‘Forbidden Door’ together this June, but what lies on the other side is something we will all have to wait to find out,” Ohbari says. “One guarantee: I always say that NJPW’s wrestlers carry the pride and the fight of wild lions. Whomever they fight against, or whomever they even team with, they will carry a fighting spirit that is unmatched and unbeatable.”