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Maria Kanellis-Bennett: Women’s Wrestling Army Has Two Streaming Deals, We Hope To Have A PPV This Year

Maria Kanellis-Bennett used to be the “First Lady of Ring of Honor”, as she played an instrumental role, alongside Bobby Cruise, in rebuilding the ROH women’s division throughout 2021. Now, Kanellis-Bennett is starting her own promotion, Women’s Wrestling Army.

In doing so, she’ll reunite with Cruise, and the duo will aim to change the game for women’s wrestling and perhaps the entire industry. The promotion will hold its first event on May 1, but many fans are curious about the potential streaming plans for Women’s Wrestling Army.

During an appearance on PWI’s FaceTurn with Candace Cordelia, Kanellis-Bennett stated that the new promotion has two streaming deals, but she can’t announce one of them yet. She then described the plan to tape shows every six-to-eight weeks after the taping of the first three episodes at Sunday’s show.

“So we have two different steaming deals,” said Kanellis-Bennett. “One of them is with Brand Army, and you’ll be able to just follow to get straight to where that steams, and then our second one, I can’t announce yet. But with these two separate streaming deals, it’s going to be at least two shows a month that we’ll be filming. So this Sunday we’re filming three episodes of television. Those three episodes will be spaced out over the next month and a half or so. But yeah it’ll be about every six weeks to eight weeks that we’ll be filming.”

Kanellis-Bennett also made it clear that the promotion intends to have at least one pay-per-view in the next year.

“And then on top of that, we’d like to do pay-per-view,” said Kanellis-Bennett. “So you can definitely expect us having another show being announced very shortly. And I think that it’s gonna be in Chicago, the next one, so I can just drive down the street and be like here I come. The first one was near Bobby Cruise, the second one’s near me. And that didn’t happen intentionally; that’s just what we’re thinking right now. But we’re probably gonna be filming every six-to-eight weeks with at least one pay-per-view in the next year.”

The full interview is available here:

The press release about Women’s Wrestling Army is available here.

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