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Bandido Explains Why He Didn’t Sign With AEW Following ALL IN

Unlike a few years ago, Bandido is definitely interested in pursuing a career with All Elite Wrestling now.

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido recently sat down with Hal 2 of SO CATCH to discuss a wide variety of subjects. As part of the main event for the All In pay-per-view, many were surprised when Bandido didn’t sign with All Elite Wrestling months later. When asked why he chose Ring of Honor over All Elite Wrestling at the time, Bandido revealed it came down to his desire to also wrestle in New Japan, which Ring of Honor was happy to let him do.

“In that moment, the rules for AEW [was] not good for me or my career,” Bandido admitted. “In that moment, New Japan is like my goal. When I started the negotiation with WWE, AEW, and Ring of Honor, Ring of Honor mentioned it in my contract, ‘Also you can go to New Japan,’ and I say, ‘okay, I want to sign, but I want to go to New Japan too.’ They say, ‘Okay, yeah, we’re going to try to help you to go to New Japan”. And they helped me. I did Best of Super Juniors, and I took a match against Will Ospreay, and that was amazing. Yeah, for that reason, I don’t sign with AEW.”

With Ring of Honor being purchased by All Elite Wrestling’s Tony Khan earlier this year, Bandido was asked if he had any interest now in signing with the company. Bandido admitted that he did as long as the company was also interested in him.

“Yeah, I’m here. And why not?” Bandido said. “If AEW is interested in Bandido? Yeah, I want to do AEW, I want to do Ring of Honor, I want to do independent wrestling. Now I’m focusing on my career and focusing on my life because when my baby comes in to my life and I need to be 100% healthy for him.”

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