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Maria Kanellis-Bennett Sees Similarities In Becky Lynch And Roxanne, They’ll Be On The Same Level At Some Point

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is ready to take everything other wrestling companies are doing right with women’s wrestling and put it into her own upstart promotion.

The Women’s Wrestling Army owner recently sat down with Rick Ucchino of the Beleav in Pro Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects.

“So everybody’s doing a little bit right,” Maria Kanellis-Bennett said. “Sometimes it’s a lot of bit right. You know, WWE, Becky comes out. She looks like David Bowie. Like, superhero, futuristic, alien, it’s amazing. She’s a superstar, a bonafide superstar and she’s a mama. She looks fantastic. She’s killing it. She’s an incredible wrestler. So that is right. Bianca, that’s right. Sasha Banks, awesome. And then you’ve got AEW and that incredible match with Thunder and with Britt. Blood flying, just intensity and just main event and that’s right!

“So let’s just all throw ‘em all together and say woohoo! Because everybody’s always gonna do a little bit right. Everybody’s always gonna have something to complain about. It’s just how it goes. But I do think everyone’s making an effort. I do think that I’ve seen some of the very best wrestling on AEW. I think they have some tremendous stars on AEW. You know, Ruby and Toni and Britt and Thunder. I think they’re all phenomenally talented and the newcomers. And then you also have Allie (The Bunny) who is a veteran in her own right.

“They have a great group of women, but you also have to remember that is still a startup. It’s only a couple years in. It’s gonna get there and they’re doing great things. First, you get interest, then you gain loyalty. That’s just how business is run. There’s good stuff going on everywhere. I’m excited to see what happens in the coming months. I’m learning from everyone right now, whether it be from what’s going on at WWE to what’s going on at AEW or IMPACT. I’m hoping to work with everybody and I think everybody is doing their very best.”

Maria was present to see the crowning of the first Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion in Rok-C. Months later, Rok-C is a member of the WWE roster, wrestling in NXT 2.0 under the name Roxanne Perez. Kanellis-Bennett sees big things in Perez’s future in WWE, comparing her to one of the biggest names on RAW, Becky Lynch.

“I hesitate to say this because I don’t like anybody comparing anybody to anyone else, but the ability that you have in Becky Lynch, you have in Roxanne,” Maria Kanellis-Bennett said. “I think that is only going to continue to grow. Of course she’s still got things she has to work on, but I think at some point Roxanne will be on the same level as Becky.

“She has the technique down. She has the story. She has the heart. She used to ride the bus to go to wrestling training before she could drive a car or anything like that. She rode a bus, so she could go to training. She was trained by Booker T. She has the ability to work with anybody. I mean, everyone that she worked within Ring of Honor, from working with Miranda Alize, who’s a Luchador, to working with someone like Sumie or Angelina Love. She went down the list of veterans and she held up with all of them, but then she also went against all these different styles of wrestlers and she was able to compete and defeat all of them. I mean, she was in there with Willow as her very last match in Ring of Honor. So I mean, she really is a prodigy and her future is very shiny and bright.”

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