Mick Foley
Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Mick Foley To Manage AEW’s FTR At Patriotic Wrestling Federation On 5/14

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will manage FTR on May 14 at PWF in South Carolina.

This seemingly started last week on social media when Mick Foley requested FTR to start mentioning him in tweets and tagging Vince McMahon. Tweeting out:

“Dear @DaxFTR and @CashWheelerFTR – can you guys start mentioning me on here and tag @VinceMcMahon in? Thanks, Mick,” Mick Foley tweeted.

Dax Harwood played along with Foley, responding with:

“REPORT: Mick Foley to manage Bret Hart who will manage FTR. @VinceMcMahon,” Dax Harwood quote tweeted.

It seems that one thing led to another and now Mrs. Foley’s baby boy will be managing the AAA and Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions on May 14 for Patriotic Wrestling Federation in York, South Carolina. Foley announced the big news on social media this afternoon, tweeting out:



The wrestling world rejoices! Get tix at pwflive.com,” Mick Foley tweeted.

FTR’s opponents are Master & Machine (Marcus Kross and Griff Garrison) as revealed by Cash Wheeler on social media, tweeting out:

“This year is stupid. In the best ways possible. Let’s have a nice day!” Cash Wheeler tweeted.

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What are your thoughts on Mick Foley managing FTR? Does this make as much sense as the pairing with Bret Hart in June? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.