Harland Parker Boudreaux WWE NXT
Image credit: WWE

Court Bauer Believes Parker Boudreaux (FKA: Harland) Has Potential To Be A ‘Big Player’ One Day

Parker Bordreaux was one of several NXT releases on 4/30 and Court Bauer sees plenty of potential in the young wrestler. Being a former football standout at the University of Central Flordia, Bordreaux was one of the notable names WWE signed to a contract in early 2021. Boudreaux, who has a near uncanny resemblance to Brock Lesnar, indeed had early praise as the “Next Big Thing,” but released before a report from Fightful Select stated that WWE wasn’t happy with how he was developing in the ring.

After news got out of Boudreaux’s exit, a fan suggested on social media that Parker would flourish in a promotion like Major League Wrestling.

“Honestly MLW would be perfect for you right now at this stage. Court Bauer, this can be your next big star,” the fan stated.

Court Bauer caught wind of the Tweet and added his own thoughts to Parker’s release.

“Know Parker Boudreaux well,” Court replied. “He used to come to our MLW shows with his crew from UCF Football. Beast of an athlete. Will be a big player one day, if he keeps putting in the work.”

Many times WWE’s assessment of talent can be no indicator of potential as there has been several stars who have been released from WWE and found success elsewhere, Major League Wrestling included. One of the recent examples is “The Judge” EJ Nduka who after being released from his WWE contract, was scooped up by MLW and is now currently one of the promotion’s tag team champions alongside Calvin Tankman.

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