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The Miz: I Have A Very Punchable Face, I’ve Used It For 20 Years In WWE And Will Continue To Do So

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The Miz has some high adulation for Logan Paul, and reflected on some recent praise sent his way as well.

WWE star The Miz recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin and discussed his training of Logan Paul ahead of their match at WrestleMania 38. Miz touted Paul for being a natural athlete as well as his ability of being a natural heel.

“I’ve had him in the ring, like for a long time and like everything I showed him, like, I’ll be like ‘alright, here’s how you kind of lock up’ and most of the time when you show someone a lock up, it takes a couple of takes. Get the first one, I’m just like ‘just go like this’ and he did it on the first try. Then I showed him the Skull Crushing Finale… first try. I’ve been showing him moves that I was like, uh, I don’t know if he should be doing these moves that I don’t even do. He’s like showing me stuff and he’s like ‘can I try this one?’ and I’m like, ‘yeah, I don’t even do that move’ like, if I don’t even attempt that one,” Miz explained, “and so there’s just things that he wants to do and he’s athletically gifted like he’s like an athlete and he knows our business and what we do.

“We tell stories and we create characters and you want a character, like anyone can go into the ring and be more hated than me, I applaud you, I applaud you because that’s very difficult to do. I have a very punchable face, I know I have a punchable face and I’ve used it for 20 years in WWE and will continue to do so,” Miz quipped. “But he walks into a ring and it is even in Cleveland, I was like we’re in our hometown, like you don’t get booed in your hometown…we do [laughs].”

The Miz would then delve into AJ Styles’ recent comments about him (Miz) being one of the best heels of all time.

“That’s an honor, honestly. Ever since the first time AJ [Styles] stepped foot into WWE, I was like his first competitor, I was like his first person to go up against them and sometimes, you can just feel it, you just know a person in WWE, everyone could be like yeah it will, it’s an 8-day AJ Styles that doesn’t always happen when people outside of WWE into WWE, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a special person and a special superstar and as soon as I got in the ring with AJ, I was like ‘oh, he’s going to be something in WWE’. Like, he’s going to be one of the biggest stars out there. You could feel the energy, you could feel the passion, you could feel the just…electricity. That just surrounds the aura, you know. So, you just know and I knew right away.”

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