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WWE NXT 2.0 Results (5/3/22): Spring Breakin’

The May 3 episode of WWE NXT 2.0 is the “Spring Breakin'” special. The show will feature two title matches, including an NXT Championship bout where Bron Breakker will defend the gold against Joe Gacy. Plus, The Viking Raiders will face the Creed Brothers, among other noteworthy bouts.

WWE NXT 2.0 Results

May 3, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com


The show opens with a vignette of Pretty Deadly, the NXT Tag Team Champions, celebrating the spring weather and their title victory. They preview the card and poke fun at the Creed Brothers’ previous loss in the gauntlet match. They jump into a pool to kick off the show.

North American Championship: Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) vs. Solo Sikoa

“Solo” chants fill the arena right off the bat. Sikoa sends Hayes flying with a back body drop. The former champion leaves the ring to collect himself. Grimes gets two counts on two pin attempts. He knocks Hayes off the apron and takes the fight to Sikoa. Hayes enters the ring and gains the upper hand. He hits a springboard dive on Sikoa and kicks Grimes in the head. He’s firmly in control , but Grimes fires back with a kick to the face. The champion hits a diving crossbody on Sikoa. The fighter slams Grimes into the turnbuckle. Grimes rallies with a Spanish Fly on Hayes. All three men keep going back and forth during a commercial.

Hayes trips Grimes up, sending up head-first into the turnbuckle. He takes control again and blocks a senton from Sikoa. Grimes fires up with a flurry of offense but eats a destroyer from Hayes. Sikoa overpowers the former champion, but all three men are down after a suplexplex/powerbomb combo. Sikoa hits a running hip attack on both of his opponents and tosses Grimes with a German suplex. He slams Hayes to the mat for a two count. Grimes takes down his opponents with a hurricanrana. He gets a near fall with a Poison-rana. Hayes catches Grimes with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Sikoa superkicks Hayes and hits a Splash on Grimes for another near fall. Grimes hits a Cave-in on Sikoa while he’s slamming Hayes and gets the pin.

Winner and still NXT North American Champion: Cameron Grimes

In a vignette, Mandy Rose goes tanning and plans a trip to the beach. Wendy Choo sneaks in and tampers with the tanning machine; Rose emerges and is remarkably burnt. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne go to the beech without her.

In an interview, Nathan Frazer discusses his in-ring debut tonight. He says Grayson Waller has a strong Twitter game, but he doesn’t care because he’s about to debut. Frazer says his 10-year-old self is freaking out because he’s been waiting for this moment his entire life.

The Creed Brothers are training backstage. Roderick Strong tells them they need to show him they’re ready tonight. They say they’re in the zone. Strong says he’s the leader of Diamond Mine, and what he says goes.

Duke Hudson and Indi Hartwell are alone backstage; in real life, their partners, Persia Pirotta and Dexter Lumis, were released last week. Hudson goes for a kiss, and Indi says “Hell no.”

Grayson Waller vs. Nathan Frazer

Frazer shoves Waller, proving that he’s not afraid. They lock up and feel each other out. Frazer catches Waller with a dropkick and takes him to the mat. The newcomer goes for a dive after he knocks Waller to the outside, but he runs away. They brawl and return to the ring. Waller gains the upper hand and destroys a beachball. Frazer goes for a pin, but Waller drops him with a stiff strike. He grounds the high-flyer for several minutes. Waller slams Frazer for a two count. He goes for a stomp, but Frazer reverses and rallies. Frazer dives onto Waller outside the ring and blasts him with two superkicks.

Waller dodges a corkscrew dive and hits an innovative face-buster for a two count. In the crowd, Andre Chase blows an air horn, which causes Waller to trip and fall from the top rope. Frazer capitalizes with a Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

A vignette hypes of Fallon Henley as a small-town girl and highlights her love of horse-riding. She talks about her horse, Luna, and says the next time she sees Luna, she’ll show her the contract she’ll win in the Women’s Breakout Tournament.

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