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Trish Stratus Says She Is Interested In A WWE Return, Open To A GM Role

WWE Legend Trish Stratus recently spoke on a QA Panel at ‘For the Love of Wrestling‘ in the UK in which she answered numerous questions. Check out the highlights below.

On being interested in returning to WWE as a GM:

I would gladly accept that role. I always think — like I said, to go back, it has to be something challenging, something different, something different for you guys. You know, you just don’t wanna see me being a babyface, kicking butt, winning championships, boring, right guys? Do we or would you — I don’t know. I can’t read the crowd. I’m not sure what they want. What do you guys want? What do you want? What should I do next? I always say if I go back, the one thing I’m missing is a heel run so that would be kind of fun, you know? Yeah.

On still wanting to compete after watching Lita wrestle earlier this year:

I love it, it’ll always be in my blood, you know? I did a post and it said, ‘I’ll never not feel at home between these ropes’, right? So it’s in me forever. The cool thing is sometimes we go back and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, can I do this? Like it’s been a while’ and the last time — the first time I went back after many years was to fight Charlotte [Flair] for a singles match. It had been like 11 years and two children later so I was like, ‘I don’t know’ and you don’t know until you actually have the match. You can practice and you can roll around in the ring but you don’t know until you actually get in there. I was lucky, a couple weeks later [after Lita wrestled] the live event was so much fun because it was just after that and I got a chance to go back and it was in Toronto and in another town near me at home so I just drove in, took my kids and yeah, you get in there, you feel the energy of the crowd, you do some promos, you do some slapping and it’s just like, oh, it’s such — it’s good.

Thanks to POST Wrestling for transcribing the video which you can watch below.

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