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Bret Hart On AEW Rumors: I’m ‘Happy And Retired’, I Want To Be Remembered As A Wrestler

Bret Hart says he’s happy to give advice to talent, but it’s going to be over the phone because his days of full-time travel for wrestling are over.

Bret Hart has been the subject of rumors about possibly working with FTR in All Elite Wrestling, something that the team would be open to themselves. Hart has now commented publicly on those rumors, telling Lucha Libre Online that there’s not much he can do in the wrestling business, and he’d rather be remembered as a wrestler than in a different role.

“Well, I’m happy and retired. I’m really a home guy now. There’s not a lot I can do in wrestling, and people say, ‘Well what are you going to do? What would you do in AEW?’ And it’s like what would I do? Referee a match, be a chairman,” Hart pondered. “I don’t want to be remembered that way. I want to be remembered as a wrestler.”

Hart was then asked about giving advice to today’s talent, and he said that he’s happy to help and does speak with many of them now, but his travel is limited now and he’s happy being at home.

“I’d be happy to help them, and I know a lot of them, I talk to a lot of them sometimes by text or on the phone, people call me up. I’ve always got advice and I can pinpoint little things where they can make a difference in a guy’s match or something somebody’s doing,” Hart noted, “but I’m a guy that likes being home. So they’ll have to call me on the phone, it’s not something that I’m — I wish I could go do stuff more easily but I’m getting older now and it’s getting harder for me to keep flying around. I’ve got to pick my days that I can do stuff. There’s a lot of things I would like to be part of, AEW and what they’re doing, I think they’ve got some great wrestlers there and I have a lot of respect for the organization and all that, but right now, I’m happy at home.”

Despite not being open to a regular gig in AEW, Hart did pick a day to manage FTR on the independent scene. Hart will be on hand on June 10 to back FTR when they face off with Brian Pillman Jr and Brock Anderson, who will be cornered by Arn Anderson.

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