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Court Bauer: MLW Has ‘Exceptional Evidence’ Proving Tortious Interference By WWE

Court Bauer claims MLW has solid proof against WWE.

Major League Wrestling owner Court Bauer recently spoke with Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri, who asked about a possible update on the company’s lawsuit against WWE. MLW filed a lawsuit against WWE in January, claiming the latter “intimidated” VICE TV out of airing more MLW content, as well as having MLW’s deal with Tubi canceled.

Asked if he could talk more about WWE’s alleged correspondence with VICE and how the lawsuit says WWE “warned” VICE against their dealings with MLW, Bauer said he couldn’t reveal anything specific, but people should know that they have “damning” evidence that proves their case.

“Yeah, it would probably be strategically unwise to spill the beans on that here and now. I’m not trying to blue-ball you here, but all I can share is that we have exceptional, exceptional evidence of tortious interference. And as the legal process plays out, the public will see the evidence,” Bauer stated. “It will come out and it’s pretty damning.”

Asked what the current relationship with VICE is, Bauer said there was no active relationship with the network.

Giri then asked if Bauer or MLW had been approached about a settlement, and he conferred with his legal representative [seated off-screen] before stating he could not and had no comment on that matter. Giri asked if that meant that MLW had not received a settlement offer, and Bauer once again reiterated that he had no comment.

WWE has since tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, and issued the following statement at the time of the original filing:

“WWE believes these claims have no merit and intends to vigorously defend itself against them.”

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