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MLW’s Mister Saint Laurent Previews Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday, Compares It To Tennis Doubles Splitting

MLW Kings of Colosseum is shaping up to be an incredible show on Friday, May 13.

MSL of Major League Wrestling recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When talking about the upcoming MLW Kings of Colosseum event on Friday, May 13 in Philadelphia, MSL broke down two of the biggest matches on the card. First, is the Dynastic implosion between former friends Hammerstone and Richard Holliday.

“I think anytime and this goes for any sport that’s an individual sport and there’s not many sports you can compare to wrestling where it’s an individual sport but also kind of a team sport,” MSL said. “So I guess I’ll compare it to tennis a little bit and my background before I was a wrestler was actually in tennis. If you have success in doubles tennis, and then one of the partners has success in singles, there’s always going to be some natural jealousy. I just think that’s inevitable. And so in MLW when we were building to this huge collision course, Hammerstone versus Fatu. The immovable object versus the irresistible force and all that kind of stuff.

“Well, of course, what’s Holliday’s reaction going to be if Hammerstone is successful, or if Hammerstone had been unsuccessful? I think that was a natural question that every follower of MLW was going to have so to wait too long to answer that question, I think would have been very unnatural. Because like I said in any other situation, put yourself in the shoes of Holliday, how would you feel? And as much as I would love for everything in life to be kumbaya and everybody is happy for everybody, we are a selfish species by nature at times. It’s part of what drives us to try to achieve more and more greatness. So I think for Holliday and Hammerstone the odds of Holliday just being happy for him and sticking by his side for the next five years seemed very slim.”

MSL then went to talk about Taya Valkyrie coming into the company and immediately competing against Holidead to crown the first MLW Featherweight Champion, stating he believes Valkyrie has earned this chance based on everything she’s currently doing in other companies.

“I think it’s gonna be a great match,” MSL said. “First of all, I think Taya has got a lot to prove. She hasn’t been in MLW in a long time. It’s a chance to win a world championship and her first match back in MLW. I know she’s been taking this very seriously training very hard. When I first started talking to her, if she was going to come back to MLW she wanted to go towards the title right away. You know, it wasn’t this kind of thing of like, oh, let’s see how it goes. And you know, I have a couple of matches work my way up kind of thing. She wanted to gun right for Holidead because Holidead in recent months has kind of been the leading woman here in MLW so I think it was a natural match to just do right away.

“We do a lot of tournaments in MLW, but this one we wanted to do something a little different instead of a tournament. Holidead, in terms of the women who have been here recently, was clearly the number one. Taya who’s very experienced and has a big following and has had a lot of success other places and holds world titles and other companies right now. I think she was certainly deserving to just slide right into that match and I think they’re really going to bring it. Sometimes, I think especially if it’s in a new championship kind of situation, but just in general. Let’s face it. Women athletes historically have not gotten as many opportunities in this sport as the men have that needs to change that is changing that will continue to change. But I do think sometimes they feel a little extra pressure when the spotlight is on them more like hey, we need to bring it this is not just about us. This is about everybody else as well. And I’m sure both of them will be looking to have a classic.”

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