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Kevin Owens: I Wouldn’t Be Here Without Triple H, Nobody Has Done More For Me Than Him

Kevin Owens‘ road to WWE superstardom has been a long one, and along the way, it’s been filled with various influences and other mentors. One of those superstars, the legendary Triple H, had a crucial role in his journey.

Owens was a featured star in Triple H’s NXT, and “The King of Kings” famously helped him win the WWE Universal Championship on WWE RAW in 2016.

“I wouldn’t be here without him,” Owens said in a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT. “That’s all that comes to it. When you say full stop, that really is it. Nobody has done more for me than Triple H in my career.”

While Triple H may have had a reputation amongst fans of “burying” other WWE superstars, Owens said that he never had that sort of takeaway from his experiences with the legend. Instead, the former WWE Universal Champion stated that, in his experience, “The Game” is the kind of person who wants to give others a chance.

“There was always this reputation about him, right,” said Owens. “I always thought he was really good at what he did and to me, he always elevated the shows he was on and the people he was working with so I never really got that vibe of the reputation.

“I wasn’t surprised when I met him that he was a guy who was all about growing the industry and giving people a chance. He proved my assumptions right many times over the past few years and a lot of us – a lot of us – wouldn’t be here without him.”

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