Alexa Bliss WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss Gets New Tattoo, The Usos Celebrate 300 Days As Champs

Alexa Bliss Gets New Tattoo

Alexa Bliss took to twitter over the weekend to show off her new tattoo, which is a matching tattoo with new husband Ryan Cabrera.

The tattoo features an animated version of her and Ryan inside of a heart. Bliss got the tattoo on the outside of her left torso while Cabrera got it on his right hand.

Bliss recently returned to WWE RAW, beating Sonya Deville in a squash match as a hybrid of her ‘Fiend-like’ character and her classic ‘five feet of fury’ character.

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The Usos Celebrate 300 Days As Champs

The longest reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions have just hit 300 days as champions.

Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated Rey & Dominik Mysterio during the pre-show of Money In The Bank 2021 to become tag champs and have not looked back since.

The Usos title reign currently ranks 3rd among all WWE title reigns. Roman Reigns has held the Universal Championship for 623 days and Meiko Satomura has held the NXT UK Women’s Championship for 339 days.