matt cardona
Photo Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Matt Cardona Parodies Sasha Banks & Naomi’s WWE Walk-Out, CM Punk Responds

matt cardona
Photo Credit: NWA

Matt Cardona wishes he could go back in time and get more respect as the Internet Champion.

On May 16, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of WWE RAW, reportedly due to some creative frustrations. As a result, WWE had to change the planned main event for the show, as the initial bout was set to feature the duo. WWE later released a statement about the incident and revealed that Banks and Naomi left their titles on John Laurinaitis’s desk because they felt like they weren’t getting the respect they deserved.

The next day, Matt Cardona, formerly known as WWE star Zach Ryder, poked fun at the situation in a tweet. He stated that if he could go back in time to the night he was pushed off the stage while he was in a wheelchair  by Kane, he have walked into Laurinaitis’s office and put his neck brace on the latter’s desk. Cardona stated that the lack of respect he felt as the Internet Champion would have been the motive.

AEW star CM Punk responded by retweeting Cardona’s post and saying that if he wanted to go back in time to stand up for himself, he should stand up for the workers now.

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