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Evil Uno Believes Hangman Page Is The Best World Champion AEW Has Had

Evil Uno holds Hangman Adam Page in high regard.

In an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Evil Uno spoke about the Hangman vs. CM Punk feud and said he’s firmly on Page’s side.

“Oh, I’m in the camp Hangman, for sure, 100%. I think, and this is not even because we’re close friends and this is not a slight to Punk in any way, but I don’t think there is a better wrestler on our TV show than Hangman Adam Page. We’ve seen Jericho with the championship, we’ve seen Omega with the championship, we’ve seen Hangman with the championship, and they have all been fantastic. But I think Hangman has proven in the quality of his title defenses, that he is one of the best wrestlers ever.

“He’s having an incredible run. I don’t think he’s had a bad match in years. And honestly he’s just I believe the better wrestler between him and CM Punk. I think he’s gonna walk out the champion. I hope so, you never know what could happen. This is the world of wrestling, anything could happen any time. But if I were to make a bold prediction, I would say he walks out champion.”

Asked if he believes Hangman is the greatest AEW World Champion yet, Uno agreed and said Page’s title defenses make the argument for him.

“I definitely do because look at the variety of matches he’s had. He’s had short, high-flying sprints with Dante Martin. He’s had one-hour classics with Bryan Danielson, he’s had death matches with both Lance and Adam Cole. And then he had a fantastic pro wrestling match, just a pure pro wrestling match, with Adam Cole as well. So he’s proven that he can do practically every style and he’s fantastic on the mic as well. He is one of the nicest men and most approachable men out there, and also one of the most relatable. So I truly think as far as champion, he has proven his worth, I hope he continues to be champion after this. I hope this is only the start of his story.”

Hangman Adam Page will defend the AEW World Championship against CM Punk at AEW Double Or Nothing on May 29 in Las Vegas.

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