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Lance Archer: Suzuki-Gun vs. House Of Black Is A Fun Possibility Dream Match At ‘Forbidden Door’

Lance Archer has a great matchup in mind for AEW and New Japan’s Forbidden Door event.

In an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Lance Archer spoke about his respective runs with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling, noting that it’s hard to say there’s a “dream match” out there for him. That said, Archer noted that he’d still like to get one more run with Suzuki-Gun because it could be a lot of fun.

“That’s a crazy thing because I’ve worked with New Japan for almost nine years so to say is there a dream match? I pretty had them all, luckily. So I don’t know if there’s anybody specific that I’d like to just have a dream match with because again I’ve had to work with ‘em. I’m wearing Suzuki-Gun’s outfit right now, I’m Suzuki-Gun forever. Suzuki-Gun means Suzuki’s army for the fans that don’t understand, don’t know what that means.

“We always say that we’re Ichiban, which means number one. So the possibility of teaming with Suzuki or even more of Suzuki-Gun at Forbidden Door, I think that’s be a lot of fun for myself and for the fans. Suzuki and I got to tag together against Moxley and Eddie Kingston in New York at Arthur Ashe, which was an amazing experience itself. But at this Forbidden Door, I think it’s already sold out, close to 15,000 tickets and I don’t think one match has been announced yet. So the fans are clamoring for it. So just to be a part of it, as a group, as Suzuki-Gun, I think that’d be a lot of fun.”

Archer then shared a hypothetical team he’d like to face off with if the match was to actually happen.

“I’ll throw out a fun possibility dream match because the two guys just fought this last weekend. Brody King fought Suzuki at New Japan’s Capital Collision. So they had a battle, so why not Suzuki-Gun versus House of Black,” Archer said. “That’d be cool.”

NJPW x AEW Forbidden Door is scheduled for June 26 at the United Center in Chicago.

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