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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Mike Bailey: IMPACT’s X-Division Is The Best Division In Wrestling

“Speedball” Mike Bailey is only a few months into his run with IMPACT Wrestling, but he has already become a featured member of the company’s renowned X-Division.

Dating back to the TNA era, the promotion has drawn plenty of praise for the way it has showcased remarkable competitors in the division, such as Alex Shelley, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and many others. The lineup of talent currently includes some veterans, alongside bright stars and international talent, and it continues to live up to the legacy of the wrestlers who built it up years ago.

In an interview with SteelChair Mag, “Speedball” shared his belief that the X-Division is the best in the wrestling world, as the depth of talent and variety of styles are unmatched. He noted that the mix of IMPACT veterans, rising competitors and talent from NJPW is “perfect.”

“I think it’s the best division in professional wrestling right now,” said Bailey. “The amount of talent that is competing for the X-Division Championship is above and beyond anything else in the world right now with the different styles, the amount of experience, the varying degrees, and the various backgrounds you’ve got. A lot of New Japan wrestlers right now are coming in and competing with X-Division guys. You have people with a Lucha Libre background and people with a real international background, as well as Alex Shelley.

“You’ve got people that have been in Impact Wrestling for years, like Chris Sabin and Rich Swann, who really bring that Impact X-Division style. The mix of it is perfect, and I think right now everyone in the division is doing a fantastic job representing what the X-Division has always been about, which is action-packed high-level matches unlike anything else you see on TV right now.”

Bailey will compete in the Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship at the Slammiversary pay-per-view on June 19.

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