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Dax Harwood Calls The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament The Most Important Thing In Wrestling

Dax Harwood believes that The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament is the most important thing in wrestling right now.

After a series of qualifying matches, the competition kicked off on the May 11 episode of AEW Dynamite. Since then, the participants, in both the men’s and women’s tournaments, have consistently delivered remarkable matches, and it’s clear that everyone involved wants to honor Hart’s legacy.

During an interview with Brandon Walker of Barstool Rasslin’, Dax Harwood of FTR, who has often discussed his appreciation for Owen and his brother Bret, emphasized the importance of the tournament. When asked about chasing the AEW World Tag Team Championship, Harwood made it clear that he was focused on his quarterfinal match with Adam Cole because bracket is a big deal, given the way it has brought Owen back into the conversation over 20 years after his death.

“We’re the number one ranked tag team right now in AEW,” said Harwood. “It just so happens this important tournament, maybe the most important tournament in wrestling history, and I know a lot of people think, ‘Oh god he’s just trying to build AEW.’ But honestly Owen Hart has not been in professional wrestling media for over a decade. This is f—— important, man. So right now I think it’s the most important tournament, most important thing in professional wrestling, and just for us to be a part of it’s awesome. But [the] AEW Tag Team Titles have never left sight. I mean that’s what we want.”

Harwood went on to discuss how much the Harts mean to him, and he noted that both Bret and Owen did a lot for him.

“The Hart Family means a lot to me, and being able to represent myself and Cash in the Owen Hart Tournament means a lot to me too because that family, particularly those two, did a lot for me as a kid and even as an adult,” said Harwood. “I owe them both a debt of gratitude.”

To drive the point home, Harwood stated that nobody appreciates Bret Har more than he does, and if anyone tries to argue with him, he’ll throw hands.

“I just think people can resonate with admiration for their heroes,” said Harwood. “And obviously there’s nobody on planet earth who has more admiration for Bret Hart than I do. I can promise you there is not one person.

“They might try to [argue], but I’ll beat the s— out of them. But there is nobody that has more admiration for Bret because personally, without him even knowing it, he’s done a lot for me. So I think people can resonate with that , like, ‘Oh my god these guys can meet their heroes and work with their heroes. I would love to do that.’ That’s what they want.”

Cole defeated Harwood to eliminate him from the tournament, and the finals will be held at AEW Double or Nothing. The semi-final round will conclude on the May 25 episode of AEW Dynamite.

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