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GCW Owner Brett Lauderdale Accused Of Paying For Fake COVID Tests, Advised Not To Comment

Brett Lauderdale, the owner of Game Changer Wrestling, has been accused of falsifying COVID-19 tests.

Dirty Ron McDonald, an independent wrestler, tweeted that Lauderdale hired him to “make a ton of fake false negative COVID-19 tests.” In the tweet, McDonald shared screenshots of his discussion of Lauderdale and the fraudulent documents that stated some wrestlers tested negative for COVID-19.

GCW held The Collective in October 2020, when the pandemic was still rampant. Coming out of the event, some talent that performed at the show tested positive for COVID-19.

Lauderdale issued the following comment about the accusations to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful:

“I’ve referred this matter to my lawyer and as much as I’d like to comment, I’ve been advised not to.”

GCW wrestler Tony Deppen commented on the news by saying that talent discussed COVID precautions and testing before every show, and Lauderdale asked him to sit out two shows when his tests didn’t come back in time.

Likewise, GCW star Joey Janela tweeted that the roster is vaccinated, and he shared an image of a group chat named “Covid Tests – GCW/Hybrid 3/6” named after the show that was held that day. He also noted that many wrestlers have been told to sit out of GCW shows before.

WrestleZone will provide more details as they become available.

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