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Mustafa Ali Wants To Test Himself Against Cody Rhodes, Hears Fans Calling For Match With Seth Rollins

Mustafa Ali is ready to test himself against RAW’s best.

During an appearance on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Mustafa Ali spoke about who else he would like to face on the RAW roster. Ali has been involved with Theory and The Miz as of late, but says that he’d like to win the United States Championship from the former before he moves on to other WWE Superstars.

“I mean being over on RAW, there’s just so many guys. And I know I did recently step in the ring with The Miz but what I loved a lot about doing something with him for the first time on TV was the back and forth on the microphone. I’m a guy that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of mic time and when you’re in there with The Miz, that’s one of our top guys on the stick. If you can’t hang with him, it’s evident. And I just remember coming back and kind of getting the good job and I was like okay that’s validation to me on that level. And the fact that we were able to go back and forth with some jokes and segues, and there was a lot going on in that segment so that’s a high-pressure situation.

“I would love to do something, once I defeat Theory and become the new United States Champion, I would love to do something with Miz. Another guy that I haven’t stepped in the ring in a long time but I know a lot of fans are calling for the match is Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins. We’ve known each other a very, very long time. Even tangled it up a few times on the independent scene and we always just kinda…one day, you know what I mean, so I would love to do that.”

Ali then said he’d love to face off with Cody Rhodes, noting that he already has some ideas in mind for a possible feud between the two.

And even Cody Rhodes, ‘The American Nightmare.’ I think I’ve never stepped in the ring with him. Just recently met him, obviously as he’s joined us but I don’t know, I’ve watched a few of his matches here and I was like, ‘oh I could do this and that and that.’ And I think it’s a cool concept, like who’s the real American Nightmare, Cody? Let’s find out.”

Mustafa Ali will challenge Theory for the United States Championship at WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday.

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