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Report: Sasha Banks And Naomi’s WWE Suspensions Are Without Pay

The controversy surrounding Sasha Banks and Naomi continues to swirl.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions walked out of the May 16 episode of WWE RAW, reportedly due to creative frustrations. The company released a statement on the matter and noted that the duo left the titles on John Laurinaitis’ desk. On the following episode of SmackDown, WWE announced that Banks and Naomi had been suspended indefinitely and stripped of the titles.

In an update, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that their suspensions are without pay. Plus, the company has pulled their merchandise from WWE Shop, so they won’t make money from that source. According to Meltzer, the former champions’ merchandise was on sale at live shows this past weekend because it was printed in advance.

It remains unclear what the future holds for the two women, especially as the status of their contracts is up in the air. Naomi was reportedly negotiating a new deal prior to the suspension, while the terms of Banks’ contract are unknown.

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