WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (5/30/22)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

May 30, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch

Lynch welcomes the crowd to the big time and to Monday Night Raw. Lynch says it’s been too long since she came to the ring and opened Raw. Truthfully, she didn’t feel up to it without her title. So many people prayed for her downfall but she doesn’t care what they think. She runs on spite and coffee and she is all charged up. Some people collect spoons, she collects enemies. She is days away from regaining her title at Hell in a Cell. She knows the odds are stacked against her but she defies convention.

Lynch puts up a still of Asuka winning Money in the back in 2020. Asuka earned her victory at MITB. That’s why she handed Asuka her title. Lynch planned to come back and win her title back. She knows she can beat Asuka. but in giving Asuka the title, she created a selfish and entitled version of Asuka. Asuka interrupts. Asuka calls Lynch a big baby and mock cries. No one is ready for Asuka. Not Biance, not Becky. At Hell in a Cell, Asuka is ready to be the new Raw Women’s Championship.

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Lynch says that’s not how this is going to work. Lynch says Bianca and she appears. Belair tells both Asuka and Lynch they are both doing too much. But you don’t hear her complaining. Belair respects Asuka but she has a recciept coming. Belair is sure that the title is 100% not going anywhere at Hell in a Cell. Lynch sucker punches Belair. A brawl breaks out. Belair and Asuka clear the ring.

Bianca Belair vs Asuka

Lynch is at the commentary desk for the match. Beliar and Asuka trade dropdowns and strikes. Belair tries a handstand nit Asuka kicks her in the get. Belair flips over Asuka hops on the top rope and taunts Asuka. Asuka trips Belair into the middle turnbuckle. Asuka chokes Belair in the corner. Belair manages to hit a suplex. Asuka traps Belair in a guillotine. Belair manages to turn that into a suplex. Handspring moonsault by Belair. Asuka kicks out. Asuka traps Belair in a triangle. Belair picks Asuka up and they both tumble over the top rope out to the floor.

After the break, Belair lands a fallaway slam. Asuka fires back with a few kicks. German suplex by Asuka. Asuka lands a hip attack. Belair kicks out. Asuka goes up top. Belair cuts her off. Belair tries a superplex. Asuka fights back. Belair does a backflip off the top and lands on her feet. Asuka immediately lands a missile dropkick. Belair slams Asuka’s head into the turnbuckle. Belair lifts Asuka up for the KOD. Asuka fights out of it but she lands awkwardly. Asuka clutches her knee and rolls out of the ring.

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Belair sends Asuka back into the ring. Asuka hits a pop-up knee. Asuka manages to trap Belair in the Asuka lock. Belair drives Asuka into the corner. Belair hits the glam slam. Asuka tries a cradle but Belair reverses it into a pin of her own for the win.

Winner- Bianca Belair

After the match, Lynch tosses Belair out of the ring. Lynch suplexes Asuka. Belair rolls back into the ring and Lynch drops her with the Manhandle Slam.

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