Akira Tozawa WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

WWE 24/7 Championship Changes Hands On 5/30 WWE RAW

In a chaotic turn of events during the May 30 episode of WWE RAW, Akira Tozawa walked out with the WWE 24/7 Championship after Dana Brooke lost her hold on the title.

During a segment of MizTV, Dana Brooke — who had been defending her title in recent weeks — jumped the security barricade while Miz was arguing with the Street Profits. She was being chased by a number of superstars who wanted to take the gold from her. Unfortunately for her, Brooke ran right into Tamina, who hit her with a Samoan Drop to win the belt.

In a moment of celebration, Tamina lifted up Akira Tozawa, who had come down to the ring alongside Brooke and the rest of the field, and kissed him. After the kiss, however, Tozawa quickly dropped down and slid under Tamina, and he pulled her down for the pin. As a result, he won the WWE 24/7 Championship. Tozawa didn’t take long to celebrate; instead, he quickly ran away so he could escape with the title.

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