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Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Car Accident Case

More updates have come in from Tammy Sytch‘s legal situation stemming from a fatal car crash that occurred in March.

According to The Daytona Beach News Journal (via Fightful), Sytch entered a plea of not guilty to nine of her charges brought upon her by the Ormond Beach Police Department. These charges include one count of driving with a suspended/revoked license causing death/serious injury, four counts of DUI with “damage to person,” and two counts of DUI with damage to property.

The police also noted that at the time of the crash, Sytch had a blood alcohol content of .280, which is 3 and a half times over the legal limit of Florida’s .08. Police also found a bottle of vodka inside of Sytch’s car at the time of the crash. Despite the charges against her, Sytch maintains that she suffered from a seizure that led to the accident.

The crash, which occurred on March 25, 2022, involved Sytch as she, according to a police press release, failed to stop while she was driving southbound on U.S. 1 near Granada Boulevard at 8:28 p.m. EST. As a result, she crashed into a stationary vehicle, which subsequently hit another car that was located in front of it. The driver of the vehicle Sytch hit, Julian Lafrancis Lasseter, was then pronounced dead after he was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center.

Since the accident, Sytch was arrested last month in connection with the charges before posting bail shortly after. However, her bail was later revoked a week later, and Sytch currently remains in Volusia County Jail due to her being labeled as a “threat to the community.”

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